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WOWS The Stealthiest / Best Concealment Destroyers Tier4-7

Today, I am going to feature about the stealthiest, best concealment destroyers.

The data shown below includes captain skill “Concealment Expert”, upgrade “Concealment System Modification 1″ and camouflage.

And how to handle the destroyers is different from lower tier and higher tier, therefore the information in this article is only tier 4 to tier 7 destroyers.

(This article is based on the information dated 2018 Sept 29th. Game PictureⓒWargaming)

1st 5.34km Isokaze (Japan Tier4 Destroyer)

The first place is Japanese tier 4 destroyer Isokaze. Isokaze’s concealment is 0.03 km better than that of Kafero’s one, which is 5.37km.

Her speed is relatively slow, 34 knots, and her torpedo range is 7.0km.

2nd 5.41km Minekaze (Japan Tier5 destroyer)

Japanese tier 5 destroyer Minekase. Minekaze’s concealment is 5.41km.

Her speed(39 knots) was fastened so much than her predecessor Isokaze. Her 39.0 knots is one of the fastest one in the Japanese destroyers branch. (Another fastest one is Tier 10 Shimakaze.)

Minekaze’s torpedo range is 7.0km.

2nd 5.41km Mutsuki (Japan Tier5 destroyer)

Japanese tier 5 destroyer Mutsuki. Mutsuki’s concealment is 5.41km.

Her torpedo is not so threatening one, which range is 8.0km.

2nd 5.41km Kamikaze / Kamikaze R /Fujin (Japan Tier5 destroyer)

Japanese tier 5 premium destroyer Kamikaze / Kamikaze R / Fujin. Their concealment is all same 5.41km.

The early days about wows was released, the Japanese destroyer was the strongest branch.

Kamikaze still remains like the Japanese destroyers firstly released.

Kamikaze’s torpedo range is 7.0km.

3rd 5.50km V-170 (German Tier4 destroyer)

Germany tier 4 destroyer V-170. V-170’s concealment is 5.50km.

Her torpedo range is 7.0km, which is relatively better in the tiers.

Her most characteristic point is that she can launch a torpedo from in front of her.

4th 5.66km Okhotnik (U.S.S.R Tier5 destroyer)

U.S.S.R tier 5 premium destroyer Okhotnik. Okhotnik’s concealment is 5.66km.

She boasts her gunnery which is same as the cruiser’s ones.

Her top speed is relatively slow, 34.5 knots. Her torpedo range is the only 4.5km.

4位 5.66km Sheng Yang(Pan-Asia Tier4 destroyer)

Pan-Asia Tier4 destroyer Sheng Yang. Sheng Yang’s concealment is 5.66km.

One Japanese Minekaze-class destroyer “Namikaze” was hand over to China. Her speed is 39.0 knots as well. The torpedo range is 7.3km.

5th 5.67km Haida(Commonwealth Tier7 destroyer)

Commonwealth tier7 premium destroyer Haida. Haida’s concealment is 5.67km.

Her torpedo range is 8.0km. Her hydroacoustic consumable is buffed recently.

6th 5.69km T-22(German Tier5 destroyer)

Germany tier5 destroyer T-22. Her concealment is 5.69km.

T-22’s torpedo range is 7.5km. Her top speed is 34.5 knots, which is slow. Her gunnery can circle 360°.

7th 5.81km Izyaslav (U.S.S.R Tier4 Destroyer)

U.S.S.R Tier4 destroyer Izyaslav. Her concealment is 5.81km.

Torpedo range is only 5.0 km. But her gun shoots 60 shots per minutes, which is relatively strong.

Although, the best gun in Tier 4 is U.S. Clemson, which shots 68.6 shots per minutes.

7th 5.81km Nicholas (U.S Tier5 destroyer)

U.S. Tier 5 destroyer Nicholas. Nicholas’s concealment is 5.81km.

Her torpedo range is only 5.5 km. You don’t have so much opportunity in using with this torpedo.

Her HP is one of the best one in Tier 5, 13100.

7th 5.81km Hatsuharu (Japan Tier6 destroyer)

Japanese Tier 6 destroyer Hatsuharu. Hatsuharu’s concealment is 5.81 km.

She has excellent concealment in her Tiers, so taking advantage of it is important.

7th 5.81km Shiratsuyu (Japan Tier7 destroyer)

Japanese Tier7 destroyer Shiratsuyu. Shiratsuyu’s concealment is 5.81 km.

Shiratsuyu is one of the slowest ship, 34 knots. But, personally, I didn’t feel so much disadvantage of it.


How is this article today? Some destroyer in the lower tier has better concealment than higher tier. Let’s keep that in mind and enjoy playing destroyers.


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