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The slowest destroyers in WOWS

Today, I’m going to feature about the ” slowest destroyers” in WOWS.

There are slowlier destroyers in lower tiers, but this article we focus on only up to tier 5 destroyers.

The speed shown in this article includes neither speed flag nor engine boost.

(This article is based on the information dated 2018 Oct 27. Game picture Copyright Wargaming)

1st Akizuki 33.0 kn (Japan Tier8 destroyer)

The 1st place is Japanese gunboat tree, Akizuki. Its speed is only 33.0 knots.

Firstly, Aikizuki is designed as a pure gunboat, but in later design is revised to fit torpedo launcher so that Akizuki class could be used various way tactically.

The increased ship’s displacement allowed the ship only 33.0 knots.

But its AA armament is superior to other class, so Akizuki is preferred in the front line.

2nd Shiratsuyu 34.0knot (Japan Tier7 destroyer)

2nd Japanese Tier7 destroyer Shiratsuyu.

Hatsuharu was decreased her speed for 34.0knots, which was a countermeasure for the top-heavy problem.

And her next class Shiratsuyu class was also as slow as Hatsuharu.

Shiratsuyu’s top speed is 36.7 knots with engine boost. You can run away from most of the cruisers except for French ones.

You also would wonder which to choose for Shiratusyu, smoke generator or torpedo booster.

2nd Jutland 34.0 knots (U.K. Tier9 destroyer)

2nd U.K. destroyer Jutland. Jutland’s speed is 34.0 knots/

Jutland was laid down in 1944, but the WW2 ended before she completed. Jutland was launched in 1946.

3rd Okhotonik 34.5 knots (U.S.S.R Tier5 destroyer)

3rd U.S.S.R Tier5 promo destroyer Okhotnik. Many of Guns are placed on Okhotnik’s deck.

Okhotonik has cruiser guns which are also mounted on Svetlana Tier4 U.S.S.R cruiser.

Historically, Okhotonik was a paper ship rejected for her lack of output power.

Okhotonik was planned to achieve 34.0knots, but WG added her speed plus 0.5 knots.

She was designed in 1917. Considering when Okhotonik is designed, she was very fast at the time.

She is slow in WOWS, but her gun is the Tier4 cruiser’s one. She would defend herself easily.

3rd T-22 34.5knot (German Tier5 destroyer)

Germany Tier5 destroyer T-22.

T-22 was different from her predecessor V-170 in her size and armament.

She boasted larger hull and increased armaments.

Historically T-22’s top speed is 32.5 knots, but WG added 2 knots to T-22 for game balance.

4th 35.0 knots destroyers
U.K. Tier5 destroyer Acasta

Acasta fought against Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Acasta escorted a carrier with her smoke and hit one torpedo to Gneisenau.

Players cannot choose engine boost in WOWS. Her speed 35.0knots is slower than some cruisers.

Japan Tier6 destroyer Fubuki

Japan Tier6 destroyer Shinonome.(Fubuki class No.6 ship)

Fubuki and Shinonome boasted 38.0knots when commissioned, but after the “disaster of No.4 fleet” where Fubuki lost her bow in a typhoon, her hull was proved out to be pretty weak. Therefore her hull was embraced, which decreased her speed.

Fubuki’s gunnery was very weak, so she is considerably weak against gunboat.

U.S. Tier7 destroyer Mahan

You can choose either defensive AA fire or engine boost in one slot. But considering her bad concealment, engine boost could be a choice.

U.S. Tier9 destroyer Black

You can choose defensive AA fire, engine boost or raidar in one slot of Black. But maybe nobody would choose engine boost, so her lack of speed is one weakness of Black.

U.K. Tier10 destroyer Daring

The one of the latest added British destroyer Daring. Her top speed is 35.0 knots. You cannot select engine boost in Daring.


Except for French cruiser, you cannot chase down any destroyers while destroyers are using engine boost.

But once engine boost activation ends, the distance would be closed. To prevent this, a premium engine boost is recommended.

And keep in mind that most British destroyers don’t have engine boost when you use cruisers.


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