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WOWS The Stealthiest / Best Concealment of Destroyers Tier6~10

Today what I am going to share information is the “stealthiest / best concealment” of destroyers.

All concealment data shown below includes captain skill “concealment expert”, upgrade “concealment modification system 1” and camouflage.

How to handle destroyers is slightly different each tier, so today Tier 6 ~ 10 is picked up.

(This article is based on the information dated 2019 Jan 23rd Picture ⓒ Wargaming)

1st 5.37km Kagero (Japan Tier8 destroyer) 

Japanese Tier8 destroyer Kagero. Her concealment is one of the best one for a higher tier, 5.37 km.

Kagero is somehow sluggish, but generally, you can easily handle with her with her stealthy.

1st 5.37km Asashio (Japan Tier8 promo destroyer)

Asashio. Her camouflage looks nice and beautiful. Her concealment is 5.37 km.

Her torpedos don’t hit to cruiser and destroyer. On the other hand, the torpedo range is 20km. 

I bought this Asashio and actually, Asashio is a fun ship.

By the way, what Asashio Pronunciation is here.

“a sah shee oh”


Kagero class No.8 ship “Yukikaze” is widely known as her luckiness.

Yukikaze joined major Pacific battlefields like

Battle of the Java Sea

Battle of Midway

Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal


She also joined

Operation Ten-Go

of which, Yamato sank.

She rescued some Yamato’s sailor and finally

She successfully returned to the homeland!

This is just amazing.

I hope destroyer “Yukikaze” will be implemented as promo destroyers someday…

1st 5.37km HSF Harekaze (Japan Tier8 promo destroyer)

Japanese Tier8 promo destroyer HSF Harekaze. Her concealment is 5.37 km.

Her camouflage looks like red ribbon putting on.

Players can choose 3 types of guns in this ship.

Her playstyle is said that “versatile” from Japanese Wikipedia.

2nd 5.48km Cossack (U.K. Tier8)

English newcomer here is Cossack. U.K. Tier8 promo destroyers. Her concealment is 5.48km.

She is one of the Tribal class destroyers and her sister ship Haida is also implemented in WOWS for Tier7.

The difference is Cossack has 8 guns. (Haida has 6)

She also has hydroacoustic search and her gun is also impressive.

3rd 5.52km Lightning (U.K. Tier8 destroyer)

U.K. Tier8 destroyer lightning. Her concealment is 5.52 km.

Her torpedo range is 8.0km. It’s a little bit short one.

The DPM is not as good as U.S. destroyers, but not as bad as Japanese destroyers.

Her characteristic is like U.S.S.R destroyer got slowed and the torpedo range got longer.

3rd 5.52km Yugumo (Japan Tier9 destroyer)

Japanese TIer9 destroyer Yugumo. Her concealment is 5.52km.

She also has a 12 km range of torpedos after the torpedo is researched.

4th 5.59km Shimakaze(Japan Tier10 destroyer)

Japanese Tier 10 destroyer Shimakaze. Her concealment is 5.59 km.

When playing cruiser which rudder is sluggish, (Za*) and 15 torpedos suddenly appear in my broadside… That’s pretty hard to dodge.

If I let 2 seaplanes aloft and detect torpedos earlier, the 15 torpedos from broadside are still undodgeable. 

5th 5.61km Gearing (U.S. Tier10 destroyer)

U.S. Tier 10 destroyer Gearing. Her concealment is 5.61km.

Gearing a strong ship in closer range.

You can select from two types of torpedoes, the impressive Fletcher’S one, or 15km range of researchable one.

Her turret is the same one of Tier7 cruiser Atlanta, which means you can easily dodge the shell in the longer range.

6th 5.66km Chung Mu (Pan-Asia Tier9 destroyer)

Pan-Asia Tier9 destroyer Chung Mu. Her concealment is 5.67 km.

Chung Mu has deep torpedos, which don’t hit to destroyers.

Players can select radar or smoke screen generator. 

7th 5.67km Haida (CommonWeatlth Tier7 promo destroyer)

CommonWealth Tier7 promo destroyer Haida. Her concealment is 5.67 km.

As Tier 7 destroyer, 5.67km must be strong.

She both have good stealthiness and gun, by which Japanese destroyer would be hunted. =0

Although her arc is higher than the U.S. one, so she is not good in the long range.

8th 5.70km Jutland (U.K. Tier9 destroyer)

U.K. Tier9 destroyer Jutland. Her concealment is 5.70 km.

Fron Tier9 U.K. destroyers have repair pairty, and 10 km range of torpedos.

9th 5.80km

U.S. Tier8 destroyer Benson. Concealment is 5.80 km.

U.S. Tier9 destroyer Fletcher. Concealment is 5.80 km.

U.S. Tier9 Arsenal destroyer Black. Concealment is 5.80 km.

Pan-Asia Tier8 destroyer Hsienyang. Concealment is 5.80 km.

Pan-Asia Tier8 promo destroyer Loyang. Concealment is 5.80 km.

10th 5.81km

Japanese Tier6 destroyer Hatsuharu. Concealment is 5.81 km.

Japanese Tier 7 destroyer Shiratsuyu. Concealment is 5.81 km.

11th 5.94km

Japanese Tier9 destroyer Kitakaze. Concealment is 5.94km

Germany Tier9 destroyer Z-46. Concealment is 5.9km.


After the radar is implemented in WOWS, it is less lilelly for destroyer to meet enemy destroyers directly.

Though the stealthier destroyer can spot enemy destroer easily when correctly handled.

Let’s take advantage of stealtheness!


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