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WOWS Fastest battleships

Today, I am going to share information about the fastest BBs implemented in WOWS.

Speed is always a useful thing, you can have the flexibility to transfer to another place.

On the other hand, when you face fast BBs as an opponent, you might miscalculate the distance easily.

The BBs shown below is the ships exceed 30.0 knots.

(This article is based on the information dated 2019 Jan 22nd)

1st Richelieu 34.7*knots (France Tier8 battleship)

French Tier8 battleship Richelieu. Her speed is 34.7 knots with engine boost. (Normally 32.0 knots)

Italy began naval warfare before the outbreak of WW2. And French government approved Richelieu as the counterpart of Littorio class.

Laid down at 1935, and later launched at 1939. She was commissioned at 1940 Jun 15th. But only 7 days later that, France surrendered to Germany.

1st Alsace 34.7*knot (France Tier9 battleship)

Tier8 French battleship Alsace. Her speed is 34.7 knots with engine boost. (Normally 32.0knots)

1939, French navy bureau submitted three plans as counters to H class German battleship, and this Alsace is the NO.3 proposal of the plan.

This ship wasn’t laid down historically.

1st Gascogne 34.7*knot (France Tier8 promo battleship)

French Tier8 promo battleship Gascogne. Her top speed is 34.7 knots with engine boost. (Normally 32.0 knots)

Gascogne was decreased by one turret from Richelieu. And her armor was more thickened than Richelieu.

Although this ship wasn’t laid down, due to the severe lack of material.

4th Iowa 33.0 knots (U.S. Tier9 battleship)

U.S. Tier9 battleship Iowa 33.0knots.

Japanese Kongo class battleship has 30.0 knots, and U.S. Navy didn’t have the battleships as fast as Kongo.

U.S. navy worried about that Kongo battleship hit CV in fleet , and run away.

The information of Yamato was kept secret successfully at that time, Iowa is approved which has faster speed than Kongo class.

4th Missouri 33.0 knots (U.S. Tier9 free exp battleship)

Missouri, the No.3 ship of Iowa class. Her speed is 33.0 knots.

She as a fast battleship, escorted CVs which raided Japanese homeland in 1945.

1945 Sep 2nd, Japanese surrender is signed on Missouri.

About 50 years after that, she joined the Gulf war, which really makes us surprise for her longevity

In WOWS she was very popular because of her radar,  agility, her AA suit.

But she is temporally deleted from U.S. ship list.

6th République 32.4knot (France Tier10 battleship)

French Tier10 battleship République.Her top speed is 32.4 knots with engine boost. (Normally 30.0 knots.)

This ship is fictional BB designed by Wargaming.

Wargaming says her secondary and AA is the one used historically.

6th Jean Bart 32.4* knots (France Tier9 Arsenal)

French Tier9 Arsenal BB Jean Bart. Her top speed is 32.4 knots. (Normally 30.0 knots)

She changed her position two times as the allies → the axis → the allies.

8th Gneisenau 32.0knot (Germany Tier7 BB)

Germany Tier7 battleship Gneisenau. Her speed is 32.0 knots.

At the beginning of the WW2, she joined campaigns with her sister ship Scharnhorst.

She raided convoys of U.K, sank armed merchantman “Rawalpindi”, and also sank HMS carrier Glorious.

At the beginning of 1942, she and Scharnhorst returned from France to German through English channel in the daytime, which ended up successfully.

After that U.K. conducted air raid against her, and Hitler ordered to halt the repair while repairing.

Finally, she scuttled as a blockship at Gdynia.

8th Hood 32.0knot (U.K. Tier7 battleship)

U.K. Tier7 promo battleship Hood. Her speed is 32.0 knots.

She has 24 boiler in her hull. amazing. Her top speed was the fastest one throughout the world when commissioned.

Although she was a gas guzzler when cruising at top speed.

10th Bismark 31.0knot (German Tier8 battleship)

Germany Tier8 battleship Bismark is 10th place. Her speed is 31.0 knots.

She fighted against Royal Navy with Prinz Eugen.

The counterpart is battleship Prince of Wales and battlecruiser Hood.

Bismark shelled to Hood and directly hit her magazine. Hood detonated and sank within 3 minutes. Only three sailors survived.

And bismark hit 7 shells against Prince of Wales.

Nobody might expect what happened to her three days later that.

11th Tirpitz 30.5 knots (German Tier8 promo battleship)

The No.2 battleship of Bismark class, Tirpitz. Her speed is 30.5 knots.

She deployed to Baltic Sea for countermeasure to U.S.S.R. Navy when commisioned.

After that, she deployed to Norwey, where she raided to U.S.S.R convoys.

She also conducted gunfire support against the ally millitary base, which was first and last time shoot main turrets.

In 1944, U.K. air force bomber hit her huge bomb twice, which set her on fire. She finally capsized and sunk.

30.0 knots

U.S. Tier10 battleship Montana.

Japan Tier8 battlecruiser Amagi

Japan Tier7 promo battlecruiser Ashitaka

Japan Tier5 battlecruiser Kongo

German Tier10 battleship Großer Kurfürst

German Tier9 battleship Friedrich der Große

German Tier7 promo battleship Scharnhorst

Italy Tier9 promo battleship Rome


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