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WOWS Fastest Cruisers

Today, I am going to feature the fastest cruisers in WOWS.

There are many ships implemented in WOWS, but little information is available which is the fastest cruiser.

So I made a summary about which is the fastest cruiser in wows/

(This article is based on the information dated 2019 Jan 21st. PictureⓒWargaming)

1st HenriIV 42.0*knots (France Tier10)

The first place is French Tier 10 heavy cruiser Henri IV, which boasts 42.0 knots with engine boost. (Normally 35.0 knots)

2nd Saint-Louis 39.6*knots (France Tier9)

The second place is French tier 9 heavy cruiser Saint-Louis, 39.6 knots with engine boost. (normally 33.0 knots)

3rd Émile Bertin 39.0knots (France Tier5)

3rd place is French tier 5 light cruiser Émile Bertin, 39.0knots.

The ship does not have an engine boost, although she can run as fast as one has engine boost.

When ships run at the maximum speed around 39.0 knots, the smoke gets lowered like the picture shown above.

4th Charles Martel 39.0*knots (France Tier8)

French Tier 8 heavy cruiser Charles Martel. Her top speed is 39.0 knots when engine boost is activated. (normally 32.5 knots)

5th De Grasse 38.5*knots (France Tier6 promo)

Franche Tier6 promo cruiser “De Grasse”, whose top speed is 38.5 knots with engine boost. (Normally 33.5 knots)

She has an impressive, nice dazzle camouflage. Historically this ship is built as AA cruiser, but WG implemented this ship as a fictional standard cruiser.

6th  Duca d’Aosta 36.5knot (Italy Tier6 promo)

Italy Tier6 promo cruiser  Duca d’Aosta. 36.5 knots.

This ship has both defensive AA and hydroacoustic search.

And her torpedo range is 12.0km.

7th Motolov 36.0 knots(USSR Tier6 promo)

USSR Tier6 promo ship Motolov. 36.0 knots. This ship has the same gun as of Tier9 Dmitri Donskoi, which is highly accurate and initial gun speed is very fast.

7th Dmitri Donskoi 36.0knot (USSR Tier9)

USSR Tier9 heavy cruiser Dmitri Donskoi. It looked like a slow ship, but it’s not.

9th La Galissonnière 35.7 knots (France Tier6)

French Tier6 La Galissonnière light cruiser.

Her speed is 35.7 knots, with engine boost. (Normally 31.0knot)

9th  Algérie  35.7knot(France tier7)

French Tier7 heavy cruiser Algérie.

Her top speed is 35.7 knots, with engine boost. (Normally 31.0 knots)

11th Atago 35.5 knots (Japan Tier8 promo)

Japanese Tier8 heavy cruiser Atago. 35.5knots.

Her namesake is mountain Atago located northwestern Kyoto.

11位 Kirov 35.5knot (USSR Tier5)

USSR Tier5 cruiser Kirov. 35.5knot.

11th Shchors 35.5knot (USSR Tier7)

USSR Tier7 cruiser Shchors. 35.5 knots. 

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